Why Hire LMC

  • Achiever. As a former national student leader, I make things happen.
  • A born learner. A voracious reader since childhood and obtains additional training in marketing, finance, economics, and mathematics.
  • Entrepreneur and licensed CPA. ROI, payback period, and other key business decisions are some issues I can help you with.
  • Researcher. Our thesis group won KPMG Best Research Paper in 2006.
  • Writer for advocacy & fun. Constantly improving online publishing skills.
  • Internet marketer. I'm marketing specialist for a web startup, Pigmata Media. Trained with internet marketing writers and gurus.


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  • National student leader for 3 yrs
  • Managed events for 3 yrs
  • Ex-Management trainee of a multinational FMCG
  • Licensed certified public accountant
  • Honorable Mention, BS Applied Economics & BS Accountancy
  • Creator of personal finance blog, MarieCasas.com
  • Co-founder of web startup Pigmata Media
  • Member, Entreplink & Sohojobs
  • Various awards received